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Virtual Summer Art Camp

Entertainment for your kids…for TWO. WHOLE. MONTHS.

Virtual Summer Art Camp

It’s been a looooong school year. You’re exhausted, and now your kids will be home until late August. What’s a weary parent to do? Simple: Enroll your kids in Virtual Summer Art Camp, and I’ll entertain them so you won’t have to!

Virtual Summer Art Camp is a fun, educational way to keep both kids and parents happy. Lessons will cover subjects, media, and genres beyond what your kids learn during the regular school year, plus they’ll also get to enjoy special surprise guest appearances from some of my buddies in the art world! (Shhh…it’s a secret.) 😉

Virtual Summer Art Camp is designed to be easy on parents while providing hours of creative fun. The materials list has been thoughtfully put together to provide ample variety, yet kept reasonable so it won’t be a burden in terms of money and time spent cleaning up crazy messes. (Unless, of course, that’s something you encourage.)

On top of all that goodness, Virtual Summer Art Camp is a bargain: one enrollment fee covers your entire family. Yes, you read that correctly! Your family will enjoy two full months of art-making for one low price. WOOHOO!

Here’s a summary of what you get with Virtual Summer Art Camp:

  • Classes posted Monday—Thursday from June 15 through August 15, 2020
  • Lifetime access to recorded video lessons
  • Bonus lessons with surprise appearances from guest artists
  • Practice with different media: pencils, colored pencils, ink, watercolor, and collage
  • Entertaining subjects ranging from nature and realism to abstract and whimsical
  • Reasonable supply list designed to minimize cost and limit mess/clean up
  • $225.00 enrollment fee covers your entire family

The fun begins on Monday, June 15th!
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