Learn by Drawing Academy

Learn by Drawing was an accidental positive outcome of COVID-19. During the school shutdown, I recorded dozens of art videos because I couldn’t work with my students in person. When the school finally reopened, I was thrilled to hear from parents and students alike how valuable my lessons were. Despite being unable to enjoy live lessons, the kids learned and their skills grew tremendously. So, I decided to make the lessons available to other students (of all ages!) and add to the growing collection because I simply love recording art videos.

The Learn by Drawing Academy will open Mid-December. Click below to receive updates and a special launch discount.

Create your very own hand-drawn selfie!


(No drawing skills necessary, but you’ll end up with mad skills.)

Have you ever wanted a fun picture of yourself to use as an avatar or cover image, but not a silly digital image generated from a filter or app that makes you look pretty much like everyone else who uses that tool? 

If you’d like something more original and creative, I have the answer for you: My signature “Create Your Own AWESOME Hand-Drawn Selfie” class.

Join the online self-study course and practice the lessons at your own pace.

Private “Selfie” Facebook group is available for support and inspiration.

You’ll impress your friends, family, and (most importantly) yourself.

Selfie Class
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